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why radio?
Radio is Cost Effective

When compared to other forms of advertising, radio is one of the most economical methods of advertising, the relatively low cost makes a high frequency more affordable, and repetition builds reputation.

Radio. An everyday medium

Radio is a truly portable medium, it can be heard anywhere: at home, in the car, the garden, the bathroom, the bedroom, the workplace - reaching listeners all day, everyday! Allowing you to repeat your message many times throughout the week. Particularly in the light of people using the internet during the evenings - radio is listened to whilst surfing the net!

Radio has Personality

As radio mainly uses the spoken word, tone and attitude used in your commercial can help your brand build a personality all of its own.

Radio is a Theatre of the mind

Radio is a one-to-one media talking directly to your potential customers at the time you need to be at the top of thier mind.

Radio has lower ad avoidance

Radio has lower advertising avoidance levels than all the other media. newspapers and magazines have to be bought and advertisements are easily avoided. Radio listeners are loyal and are far less susceptible to channel hopping than TV viewers.

Radio targets your audience

Radio has the power to target the right demographic group at the right time of day. Radio can talk to people about cars in thier cars, restaurants and bars in the evenings, retail outlets during the day and about recruitment on Monday mornings. Radio is a highly targeted medium that can reach core customers at specific times of the day.

Radio during the Recession

Finally the most important aspect of the current climate, why spend money on advertising during the recession? well, why do you advertise in the first place in any medium? to increase sales of course!, if you cut down on your advertising during a recession your sales go down, and that is on top of any sales you are already losing because of the recession, it has been proved through research that companies that carry on, or even start new advertising campaigns during a recession often come out of that recession on top and ahead of thier competitors. As mentioned above, radio is one of the most cost effective mediums to advertise in, and we here at Fresh FM Benahavis are out to make it one of the cheapest, so what are you waiting for? contact us today, get advertising and increase your turnover!
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