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Mike Martin - Email:
Mike is the boss at Fresh FM Radio and has been interested in the world of radio since his late teens in the sixties and the arrival of the Pirate Radio Ships off the coast of Britain.
He has gone from listening through the era of CB Radio to today and the formation of Fresh FM.

Mike presents: The Afternoon Show, Mon to Fri, 4pm to 6pm.
Andrew Charles - Email:
Andrew is the boss at Castle Radio FM. relatively new to broadcasting he is the IT man and website dude. He has been involved in broadcasting for about 4 years but is an experienced musician used to entertaining crowds. An ex military man he is prone to doing things the army way! he says " I run a tight ship in a relaxed manner".

Andrew presents: The Breakfast Show, Mon to Fri, 8am to 10am.
Alan Nicklin - Email:

Guilty Pleasures is a weekly 2 hour radio show that plays some of those songs you don't hear on UK radio very often & others that will make you turn up the radio they are so good. Each week Guilty Pleasures plays a mix of big hit songs that sound great on the radio, some you probably haven't heard on the radio for a while, and a few that were hits in other countries like America, Australia or Canada.
There are thousands of great songs out there that get little or no airplay, but now you can hear them again on Guilty Pleasures.

Alan presents: Guilty Pleasures, Tuesday, 12 noon until 2pm
Peter Guy - Email:

Peter Guy presents his Live Programme direct from our studios in Gibraltar every Saturday morning, he has previously been a police officer and has worked on BFBS radio.

Peter presents: Peter Guy Live, Saturday, 11am until 1pm
James Ross - Email:

James has been broadcasting one way or another since he was a scruffy teenager. He’s been a DJ, producer, TV presenter, journalist, reporter, operations manager and distribution manager at numerous radio and TV stations in the UK and around the world. Somehow radio and TV is “in his blood”, and throughout his career he’s had close links with many aspects of broadcasting.

James presents: The Greatest Hits of Music
Thursday, 12noon until 2pm and Sunday, 11am until 1pm.

Viv Craggs

There’s nothing complicated about this show, it’s just me sharing some
of my favourite tracks, having a bit of a chat and maybe dropping in one
or two features as the mood takes me.
Typically I play popular music from the sixties onwards. Why “Mouth
Meltdown”? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

Viv hosts: Mouth Meltdown, Sunday, 1pm to 3pm
Richard Todd - Email:

At the tender age of 43 I have been into music since I was about 14 or 15 when it was 1980 and the music coming out of the radio and the presentation really caught my attention. Growing up just outside London I was able to listen to Capital Radio and hear some of the radio greats such as Kenny Everett, Roger Scott & Alan Freeman.

Richard presents
Big Tommy - Email:
Big Tommy started spinning the plastic during the 80s & 90s as a DJ with his mobile disco road shows in the pubs & clubs of Glasgow and Lanarkshire in Scotland. He’s been involved with community and commercial radio in Scotland from 2006 and has been on 79 different radio stations with the “Big Fat Party Anthems Show”. In the breaks from playing his favourite music, Tommy loves to eat pasta, pizza, kebabs and of course , a good “chinese”. That could be why they call him “Big Tommy”

Big Tommy presents: Big Fat Party Anthems, Saturday, 9pm to Midnight.
Gary Jackson
Like many radio presenters, Gary started as a mobile DJ. From there he went on to hospital radio, and when the FM frequency beckoned he jumped at the chance to join Skyline Gold in Southampton. Very much a fan of personality radio, Gary always remembers that the listener comes first, tries to give his shows a live feel and keep listeners interested with features like the “A side B side”, “follow that” and the “back to front” song.

Gary presents: The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wednesday, 9pm to 11pm
The Gary Jackson Show, Thursday, 8pm to 10pm & Sat 2pm to 4pm
My Generation, Tuesday, 8pm to 10pm and Sunday 8am to 10am
Sounds Of The Seventies, Friday, 11am to Noon
Mike Brown - Email:
Mike made his radio debut in 1992, and back then you had to choose between East 17 or Take That. As all the girls liked the latter, Mike went on-air for the very first time dressed in big baggy jeans, a checked shirt, chunky gold earings and a baseball cap
Yes, he knows this was a mistake now. Since then, Mike has continued to make fashion mistakes, and present on the radio

Mike presents: Nothing But The Nineties, Fri, 12noon to 2pm.
Colin Hanslip - Email:
Welcome to the Chill Factor, home of the most relaxing songs on the radio. Every week on radio stations around the world, Colin Hanslip takes you on a musical journey through some of the most chilled out tunes ever recorded, from laid back pop songs, touching on Jazz, the more mellow side of dance music right the way through to New Age music.

Colin presents: The Chill Factor, Sunday, 5pm to 7pm.
Brett Costello - Email:
Brett Costello has been a tastemaker in the Perth R&B/Hip Hop scene for almost 20 years.
Brett's enthusiasm for the freshest new black music has taken him on a journey including stops at community Radio stations 6NR and KCR fm,

Brett presents: The Urban Meltdown, Urban and Soul music with a difference, Sunday, 3pm to 5pm
Jason Scott
Every week The Gorgeous Top 40 brings you a countdown show with a difference. Not only do we play every single song in the Top 40, we have our Sneaky Peak at 50-41 so you get a taste of what is just outside the Top 40.
We also now bring you the Top 10 Albums

Jason presents: The Gorgeous Top 40, Monday, 6pm to 9pm
Mark Stafford - Email:

I can clearly remember, standing next to a bus-stop as a kid, with my transistor radio in my hand listening to Caroline and thinking, when I grow up I want to be a Radio Caroline disc-jockey! But that moment took many years to arrive.

Mark presents: Staffords World 
Monday, 12noon until 3pm and Saturday, 4pm until 7pm.
Paul Baker - Email:
I first got the radio bug when I was at school and I used to put two ancient hi-fi systems together and record my own shows on a flat deck tape player (thankfully these tapes no longer exist). Many years later at college in 1991, I worked on a charity station called Radio Cracker and knew this is what I wanted to do
Paul presents:
Entertainment Power, Friday, 8pm until 10pm.
The Mystery Top 40, Thursday, 11am to 12noon.
Power Anthems, Saturday 1pm to 2pm
The Awesome Eighties, Tuesday, 7m to 8pm and Sunday, 9pm to 10m
The Retro Years, Sunday, 8pm to 9pm
Non Stop Nineties, Saturday, 9am to 10am
David Webster - Email:

DJ David Webster has become a leading name in community radio highly sought after across his home county of Essex. Ever since his first show on a restricted service license at the tender age of 15, it was clear that he would never take too long a leave of absence from the studio. Indeed he hasn’t spent more than 12 months since without the microphone beckoning him back.
David presents:
The Chart Of The Year Thursday, 6pm to 8pm
The Chart Of The Year Flashback, Wednesday 7m to 9pm.
The Weekend Show: Saturday, 7pm to 9pm.

Geoff Dorsett - Email:

Geoff started his career at the age of 13 and within five years was one of the Mecca Group's top DJs, being used as their opening act for their new venues nationwide. During the '60s when package tours were at the height of their popularity, Geoff could be found compering shows with Animals, Kinks, Spencer Davis, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, and  for the second-ever Led Zeppelin show.
Geoff presents: Solid Gold Sixties
Saturday and Sunday, 10am until 11am
A Kick Up The Eighties, Friday, 6pm to 7pm
The Supersonic Seventies, Monday, 11am to Noon and Wednesday, 6pm to 7pm
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