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THE Campo de Gibraltar is becoming the ‘Colombia of Spain’, Spanish police have
According to Spain’s United Police Union (SUP), young people in areas like La Linea are
idolising Pablo Escobar and becoming increasingly involved in the drug trade.
The SUP added that the area was in danger of becoming like Galicia in the 1980s, when
it was overrun by gangsters and drug lords and was used as an entry point to Europe for
Colombian cocaine.
It comes after 20 masked men successfully stormed a hospital in La Linea to rescue their
drug boss from police custody last week.
And just a few days ago, a police car was purposefully smashed into by a ‘hitman’ who
was hired to intercept a high-speed drug chase in what was described as ‘like a scene
from Narcos’ - the hit Netflix series chronicling the career of Pablo Escobar.
A spokesman for the union said: “We need specialised personnel in citizen security
capable of dealing effectively with these dangerous situations.
“There’s clearly a lack of security in La Linea and it’s down to the fact that we don’t have
sufficient personnel to tackle drug traffickers.
“The increasingly high profile drug trafficking that we have in this area lies at the root of the
“We are seeing an average of 10 launches come in daily loaded with 1,000 or 2,000
kilos of drugs.
“All we are asking is for the government to make available the necessary resources to
face up to this scourge which is invading us more and more.”
“This is a city in the hands of delinquents and we can’t allow that.
“It’s becoming like a small Colombian Andalucia.”

FOUR unnamed West Brom players have been quizzed by cops after allegedly stealing a
taxi on a night out in Barcelona.
The players, who were on a mid-winter training trip to Spain, were said to have stolen a
cab from a McDonald’s drive-through and abandoned it outside their luxury five-star hotel.
West Brom has confirmed the ‘incident’ and say they are conducting an internal
“The club can confirm that four senior players were involved in an incident during this
week’s mid-winter training trip to Spain,” read a statement.
“The club has instigated its own investigation into the incident and the players will be
subject to the full rigours of our internal disciplinary procedures.
Spain’s newest hero Regino Hernández has just won a bronze medal in the snowboard
cross event.
Born in Ceuta and raised in Mijas Costa, the 26-year-old is only the third person to bring
back a medal in Spanish Winter Olympic history.
“It was an incredible day, I’m happier I can not be. It does not matter if it’s bronze, silver or
gold. It’s an Olympic medal, ” Regino told the press after winning.
He added: “It’s something I’ve dreamed of all my life, winning this medal, making history,
its incredible.”
He now joins the hall of fame with ‘Paquito’ Fernández Ochoa, who took gold in Sapporo,
Japan 1972 and his sister Blanca who won bronze in Albertville, France 1992 both in
AND FINALLY TODAY,  IT’S a question that has caused much debate.. how much faster
than the speed limit can you go without being snapped by speed cameras?
Well, thanks to the Guardia Civil, we finally have the answers.
In a post on Twitter, police confirmed that on any speed limit up to 100km/hr, you can add
7km/hr without being snapped.
For example if the speed limit is 50km/hr, you can travel 57km/hr, if it’s 80km/hr you can
travel 87km/hr etc.