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AN Irish expat is currently fighting for his life after being stabbed repeatedly in his home
in Benalmadena.
The 37-year-old, from Dublin, was attacked in the basement of his own house and
sources say he could have a fractured skull.
It is believed friends and family rushed him to A&E after he managed to get up the stairs
and tell his partner.
La Policia Nacional in Malaga are considering “all possible theories” in relation to the
motives behind the callous attack.
The incident occurred shortly before 11pm on Wednesday night.
He is thought to be “seriously ill” and is being treated at High Resolution Hospital in
A spokesman for La Policia Nacional in Malaga, said: “National Police are investigating a
stabbing that occurred last night at a property in Benalmadena.
“The incident occurred around 11pm.
AN increasing number of killer jellyfish are washing up on beaches along the Costa del
Sol and Andalucia.
Warnings have been issued for the Man O’war jellyfish, which have been spotted by
beachgoers in Malaga and Marbella.
Its tentacles can grow to be more than 30 metres long and can give a painful sting causing
whip-like red welts.
If a human comes into contact with a high number of tentacles, particularly around the
torso, it can cause death, especially in children.
Hundreds of the toxic jellyfish have washed up in Cadiz and Huelva provinces after being
blown in by strong winds from the mid-Atlantic Ocean.
A beach in Lepe, Huelva, was closed after more than 200 appeared.
An official from the Aula del Mar marine museum in Malaga said: “We urge people not to
touch the animals as they can still sting when stranded or dead, and the stings can be
extremely severe.
“The tentacles can become detached and these are also still capable of stinging.
“Animals and children are particularly at risk.”

CAIXA Bank has been ordered to refund dozens of buyers €330,000 each for an off-plan
development that was never completed on the Costa del Sol.
The Guadalupe Hills development in Manilva was marketed by now bankrupt British
company Ocean View, which sold the plots to mostly Irish and British customers - who
ended up losing millions in failed investments.
Costa Luz Lawyers law firm, which has been fighting the case for a decade, said:
“Guadalupe Hills in Manilva was one of those developments that Ocean View sold like hot
cakes to the British and Irish at the time of the real estate boom.
“Despite the difficulty of the case, mainly due to the presence of Ocean View as an
intermediary who first bought the houses and then resold them to the individual clients;
after years of effort and waiting, the case obtained its First Instance Judgment in the Court
of first instance number 17 of Malaga.
“There are still many buyers in court trying to recover amounts that Ocean View had
guaranteed for itself but not for the buyers to whom they resold the properties. Promotions
such as Gardens of Manilva, EsteponaBeach and Country Club, Bay of the Rocks, Corals
of Estepona … all followed the same way of operating and in all of them there have been
difficulties in claiming against the actual developer and bank.”
It added: “However, all these difficult cases are now finally being solved. If good legal
techniques are used, together with Case Law of both Provincial Appeal Courts and the
Supreme Court, which follow a brilliant, anti-formalist approach and 100% in support of
the buyers, then these difficult cases can be won.
“The fact that (1) the sale was to Ocean View, (2) the bank guarantee was granted in favor
of Ocean View and not of the final buyers, (3) there were no individual guarantees in favor
of the buyers / claimants or (4) the developer did not open the special account that the law
requires, are no longer major obstacles, since 2014/2015, there are sufficient reasons for
the Bank that issued the guarantee on the development to be condemned to return not
only the principal but the interest from the date of payment of amounts and the legal costs.”
The cases are set to continue.
AND FINALLY TODAY  STRONG winds and rain are heading to Malaga and the Costa
del Sol again this weekend.
It follows a week of rain with very few breaks of sunshine.
According to weather agency AEMET, there will be strong winds on ‘virtually all fronts’ in
the Malaga province on Saturday, along with rainfall.
It plans to activate the orange alert along the Malaga coast and the yellow warning across
all areas apart from the Axarquia.
A coastal storm is expected to hit its peak strength between 8pm and 12am on Saturday
During this time, winds from the west could reach force eight - between 62-74km/hr.
For much of the day they will be at force seven, between 50 and 61km/hr.
The rain and strong winds will continue on Sunday but with less force.